SOMeCA students, staff, and alumni have developed the following workshops to strengthen students’ agency and leadership. 

If you are interested in having our alumni conduct a workshop for your organization and institution, please fill out the Interest Form

The Art of Facilitation

Facilitated by Niketa Calame-Harris 
Improv is great practice for responding creatively and thinking on your feet! Niketa has been a part of award winning productions such as The Color Purple and is most known for as the voice of Young Nala in Disney’s The Lion King.

Everyday Mindfulness & Meditation

Facilitated by Kimi Mojica
Meditation can have a powerful impact on how we show up in the world, lead, and engage our communities. Kimi’s interpersonal style is guided by a love of experiential learning, martial arts/self-defense and Buddhist practices of mindfulness and liberation.

Gender Roles

Facilitated by Joshua Fisher 
How do traditional views of gender roles inform and inhibit our ability to organize? How do we identify, address, and challenge ourselves and each other in our organizations? Joshua has been contributing to and leading youth leadership work for the past ten years.

Healthy Communication & Self-Care

Facilitated by Eden Silva Jequinto

Becoming an effective leader means knowing how to peacefully and respectfully resolve conflict in spaces where collaboration is essential to the health of your organization's mission. Eden is a dynamic leader who organized in a number of spaces while at UCSC.

How the Hell Do We Work Together?

Facilitated by Darrick Smith 
How can we build relationships that are open, present, respectful, purposeful, and lasting? Darrick is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of San Francisco and has served as a consultant for numerous private organizations.

Identifying “Poisons” 

Facilitated by Amanda Wake 
Society perpetuates poisons like egoism and greed that get in the way of our happiness and ability to be effective student organizers. Amanda runs a national network of youth organizations from across the country that work on issues of race, gender, and sexuality.

Live Long and Prosper

Facilitated by Angel Martinez
Come learn and share practices for sustainable physical health and nutrition. Angel’s work as a student and as a professional revolves around issues that impact communities of color, LGBTQ, public health and medicine.

Purposeful Life

Facilitated by Leisette Rodriguez
You can live the life you want. Challenge yourself and challenge the world every day of your life. Leisette continues to be active in organizing with several communities and holds a JD from CUNY School of Law.

Sustaining Your Organization

Facilitated by Tiffany Dena Loftin
How to mentor and engage your members to inspire new leaders. Tiffany has continuously been working to make sure that communities of color and young people are ready to participate in democracy.