Keiera Bradley is a native of South Central Los Angeles and a third-year at UCSC studying psychology and feminist studies. She has coordinated an outreach program, Destination Higher Education and is the 2015-16 Co-chair of the Afrikan Black Student Alliance. Her interests include breaking down stigmas in the black community, specifically around mental health and within higher education, as well as the admittance and retention of ABC students in spaces catered to a predominately white population through the creation of cultural spaces and events.

Jabari Brown is a fifth-year studying psychology and is the current Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Student Union Assembly. In this role, he oversees student life to ensure that students are participating in campus-wide committees, boards, and task forces. He is motivated by the success of others and wants to contribute as much of himself in projects that further the success of other students. Jabari firmly believes that the work that he does is not only for himself, but for the generations that will come after him.

Adlemy Garcia grew up in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 12, she immigrated to the U.S. and has lived in Compton, the Mission district and other parts of California. Through her experience in dealing with issues surrounding under-resourced communities she saw higher education as a way of gaining knowledge to serve her communities. As an undergraduate, Adlemy was part of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlan and was Engaging Education's Co-chair. She received a B.A. in Feminist studies with a concentration in law, politics and social change and psychology.


Dexter Henderson is a fourth-year theater arts major from Long Beach, California. He has been involved with the Cultural Arts and Diversity Resource Center (CADrc) for the entirety of his undergraduate career. He currently serves as the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Intern for the CADrc. For Dexter, theater is a road for social change. Dexter hopes to pursue his MFA in Arts Leadership upon completion of his degree at UCSC. 

Olivia Johansen is an art and film double major interested in pursuing fashion photography. She loves capturing people's personalities and stories through the photographs she takes. Olivia views photography not only as an outlet to express opinions and thoughts, but to also express what’s happening in the communities that she’s a part of. She is an active member of Student Media, having been a leader for an on-campus live comedy television organization called On The Spot, as well as working on the equipment team that serves all Student Media members.

Alexa Lomberg is the co-Editor-in-Chief of UCSC’s student-run weekly newspaper, City on a Hill Press. She has been involved with SOMeCA through Student Media since her freshman year, also as a designer for the Third World and Native American Student Collective Press, and a member of Media Council’s Diversity and Media subcommittee. She is passionate about sensitively and fairly representing the communities and people she writes about. Alexa is a fourth-year literature major who hopes to pursue a career in journalism after her graduation. 

Lauren Porter has pursued many interests at UCSC: from being outdoors and playing on the school's club soccer team to participating in the chemistry club and pursuing her degrees in biochemistry and environmental studies. When she joined Kappa Kappa Gamma during her sophomore year, Lauren became aware of the power student's hold in making the most of their college experience. Since then, Lauren has been involved in organizations and programs school-wide that offer the skills that she believes are necessary in making a difference in the world.

Heer Purewal is the 2015-2016 Inter-Greek Council President and 2015-2016 Fundraiser for Kappa Gamma Delta. She is a neuroscience major currently working on disease ecology research and aspires to become a surgeon. Heer is motivated by the promotion of Greek Letter Organization unity as well as the expansion of Greek Letter Organizations. She encourages student leadership, believing that GLOs are prime examples of students managing, funding, and utilizing their own interests through the Student Agency Model.

Madeleine Turner grew up in La Verne, California. As a kid, she loved nature and catching critters. Eventually this love translated into a passion for environmentalism. She is motivated by having a sense of responsibility to her community and fellow humans. Madeleine has been an organizer with Education for Sustainable Living Program since fall 2012. Currently she is helping compile the 2016-2017 Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus. She hopes that her peers will use the Student Agency Model to address sustainability issues on-campus and beyond.

Nazareth Velazco grew up in Moreno Valley, California and is first generation college student. She is currently a third-year at UCSC, seeking to major in community studies and economics. She has been active with the Education for Sustainable Living Program and Student Alliance of North American Indians. Nazareth finds it necessary to be a part of the environmental and social justice movements, as these movements intersect with one another. Her biggest motivations are her family and friends, as well as contributing to better her community.

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